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Lucie Pottecher

Based in New York & Miami



I am a French-American filmmaker currently enrolled at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts pursuing a B.F.A. in Film and Television. 

Coming from one particular culture and raised in a very immigrant concentrated town, I have had the pleasure and opportunity to experience and learn about the different stories that exist in the world. 

I take it as my goal and passion to represent and transmit these stories on existence, no matter how pure or raw, through unique lenses by challenging the conventions of understanding and processing of the human condition. 

Fusion Film Festival Finalist 

Mine Music Video

Directed by Lucie Pottecher (2020)

Fusion Film Festival Winner 

Mud Cake

Directed by Lucie Pottecher (2019)

Sight & Sound Film Festival Showcase Finalist 

Like No Other 

Directed By Lucie Pottecher (2019)

Sight & Sound TV Festival Showcase Finalist

Homo Sapien Music Video

Directed by Lucie Pottecher (2019)

Short Film featured on Short Cuts on BECON-TV

What Goes Around Comes Around 

Director of Photography and Directed by Lucie Pottecher(Aired Summer 2017)

Let's get to work––